Sponsor Package Details

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Benefit Details

Marketing Benefits:

Listed On Website — Your company/name will be listed on the sponsor page of our website, voicesofthevalleyaz.com

Listed On Program — Your company/name will be prominently listed on the programs of each of our concerts

Concert Slide — Each concert features a perpetual slideshow that displays videos, images, and information for each of our songs. With this benefit, you have the opportunity to have your products, services, and logos displayed for the entire audience to see before the concert, during intermission, and after the concert concludes. The higher-level sponsor you are, the more time your advertisement will occupy the screen (15, 20, & 30 seconds).

Personal & Hospitality Benefits:

50% Off 3 Season Tickets — For the first time ever, VVCO is offering season tickets to its audience members. Season tickets will grant entry to each of our concerts throughout the 2022-2023 season, and can be used as a ‘fast pass‘ to be able to cut the lines and save time. With your ‘Principal‘ level sponsorship, you will have the opportunity to receive 3 season tickets at half price.

2-3 Season Tickets — For our ‘Concertmaster‘ and ‘Conductor‘ level sponsors, we are happy to be able to provide you with FREE season tickets to be able to attend each of our concerts during the 2022-2023 season. Each season ticket also serves as a ‘fast pass‘ that allows the holder to cut the lines and save time.

VIP Reserved Seating — Exclusively for ‘Conductor‘ level sponsors, this benefit gives the sponsor and their guests the best seats in the house, reserved and waiting just for them.

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