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Hello, and welcome to VVCO!

We are so excited to have you join us for our 2022-2023 concert season, and we look forward to the incredible music we will create together.

On this page you will find all the info and details you need.

So without further ado, let’s get this season started!

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Sheet Music

Click below to access and download/print the digital sheet music for this season, sorted by concert, song, section, and part:

2022-2023 Season Schedule

Season Program


  • Suite from The Polar Express
  • Home Alone – Somewhere In My Memory
  • Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Jingle All the Way Medley
  • We Three Kings
  • Quest For Camelot – The Prayer
  • A Christmas Carol – God Bless Us Everyone
  • Silent Night
  • Believe/Polar Express Suite Recap

Video Game Spectacular

  • The Legend of Zelda – Main Theme
  • Super Mario Bros. – Main Theme
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Main Theme
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn
  • Elder Scroll V: Skyrim – Far Horizons (Anticipated)
  • Civilization VI – Sogno Di Volare
  • Suite from Video Games Live

Wish Upon A Star

  • Disney Intro
  • Suite from Cinderella
  • Cinderella – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Frozen II – Into the Unknown
  • Tangled – I See The Light
  • Tangled – Kingdom Dance
  • Moana – How Far I’ll Go
  • BTS – Dynamite
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Main Theme
  • Pinocchio – When You Wish Upon A Star

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Musician Expectations

All musicians are expected to adhere to the following policies:


All musicians are expected to attend each VVCO event held.

This includes:

  • Kickoff Meetings
  • Rehearsals
  • Dress Rehearsals/Concerts (REQUIRED)
  • Any other meeting where your attendance would be expected/requested*

*We strive to give you ample time to prepare your schedule to accommodate these events, but at times this may not be possible. In the event that you are not given 3 days notice for additional rehearsals or other events (not already on the schedule), attendance will be optional.

Should unforeseen circumstances arise and you are unable to attend any of the events listed above, notice must be given to your designated manager as soon as possible.

Each musician is permitted 2 excused absences per concert cycle.

Tardiness is unprofessional. Please be on time to each rehearsal and other events. On time typically means that you arrive early enough to give yourself time to unpack, warm up, and be ready to start at the scheduled time.

Should unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent your timely arrival, notice must be given to your designated manager as soon as possible.


It is expected that each musician will take the time they need to prepare their individual parts before rehearsals begin.

This season, we have provided additional rehearsals to ensure the readiness of the ensemble for each concert. However, some of the repertoire will present a challenge. After music is distributed, please take the time to ensure that you are able to play/sing through each of the pieces before rehearsals begin at the end of October.

Concert Attire

Regular concert attire is all black.

Depending on the theme of the concert, certain accessories, colors, or other alterations may be announced. We will strive to ensure that all attire decisions are made well in advance to allow you ample time to obtain what you need.


All communications are to take place via Email or Slack.

Should you have a question or concern regarding any policy or other matter, your primary contact is your designated ensemble manager. Any direct communications to the assistant or executive directors will be redirected to the ensemble managers.


All Musicians are expected treat each other with kindness, civility, and respect.

Voices of the Valley Choir and Orchestra is a safe, professional, and friendly environment for others to come and enjoy making music together. No amount of unkind, unfair, exclusionary or discriminatory behavior of any kind will be tolerated. Any behavior of this kind found in others should be reported through your designated ensemble manager.

We also encourage you to be friendly to those you haven’t met, and to welcome those who are new to the ensemble.

Media Release Agreement

By joining VVCO, you agree to the following:

I hereby grant to ​Voices of the Valley, LLC​ (“the Organization”) and its authorized agents, vendors, officers, directors, employees, licensees, affiliates, successors, and assigns the non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, world-wide right and license to use, reproduce, display, perform, edit, create derivative works of, and distribute, in whole or in part, any photographs and/or videos and/or recordings taken of and/or including me during activities sponsored by​ the Organization​, for any purpose, in any and all manner or media now known or hereinafter developed.*

*If you do not agree to the release of any media you are included in, please let your designated ensemble manager know so that we can make accommodations for you.

Board Members & Contact Info

Executive Director

Bryson Merkley

Assistant Director

Therese Cudmore


Lizeth Gil


Brett Whipple

Choir Manager

Rachel Gunderson

Orchestra Manager

Rachel Self


Rachel Anderson

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