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At VVCO, we believe in the power of music.

Music can uplift, inspire, and heal us.

Have you ever had the opportunity to hear a live choir and orchestra perform your favorite movie soundtrack, or popular Broadway songs?

If you have, you likely remember how fun it was to listen to, and to experience it live. If you haven’t had that opportunity, that’s actually not a big surprise.

Opportunities to hear live performances of pops music are few and far between. Major ensembles throughout the world are primarily focused on performing classical music, and even if they do perform pops music, it only happens occasionally.

Voices of the Valley Choir and Orchestra is here to change that.

We perform popular orchestral music from our time that people know and love to listen to. Movies, Video Games, Broadway, TV, and the Radio–we play it all.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to experience their favorite songs and soundtracks live and in-person.

In pursuing this goal, we also hope to bridge the gap between the ensemble and the audience, making the ensemble more accessible to the people who are listening. We strive to make our concerts and events engaging by allowing the audience be involved in such things as naming original pieces and selecting the music that we perform.

With everything we do here at VVCO, we strive to make each member of the audience our top priority.

In doing these things, we hope to give the choir and orchestra a more prominent position in our modern society, preserving its existence for years to come, and to give all people the fun and engaging musical experiences that they want to have.

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Bryson Merkley

Emma Millett


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